How it Works

We often receive questions with regards to "how does the process work" when it comes to custom clothing. We thought we would share some answers to frequently asked questions we have received over the years. Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or if anything is unclear.

What are the costs?

As we are a custom clothing company, we do not have a set price list, we custom quote according to each client’s specifications and needs.

do you do the branding?

Yes! We have a large variety of branding solutions available, such as: Screen Printing, DTG Printing,Embroidery, sublimation printing and more.

can i use my own design?

Yes. You can create any item any way you would like it. If we have a pattern readily available then great otherwise a pattern must be made or your design.

What is the minimum amount i can order?

With our custom made clothing we have a minimum order quantity of 40 units of a style/design. The 40 units do not need to all be the same size and can be split up into a max of 3 colours.

With our ready made clothing, headwear and accessories we have a minimum order quantity of 20 units of a style/design. 

For more information on our ready made items please visit 

How long will my order take?

Lead times are sometimes tricky as there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. We do however work on an average have lead time of 3-6 weeks.


When placing your order we will always try to give you a realistic delivery date. Should you have a specific delivery date we can always try our best to accommodate you.

what clothing styles can you do?

There isn't really a limit to the styles we can make. The only category of clothing we are currently unable to make is underwear. However we can source some basics for your brand.

can i have a sample made before i order in bulk?

In certain cases we do allow a sample only before production if it a new design we perhaps have not done before.

If it is a style we do often you will be required to place your full order and then we will do a sample for approval (upon request) before continuing with the bulk production

Sample fees apply

can i supply my own fabric?

No. We do not offer CMT only services. You are welcome to supply us with swatches of what you would like but we supply all fabric as this helps us to guarantee quality

do you make patterns?

Yes we do offer a pattern and grading service at an additional fee. The cost of the pattern will depend on the complexity of design.

We do however do not create patterns solely off images and require some sort of physical sample to use as the base for the pattern.

can i have my own label in the clothing?

Yes. We can either supply you with a basic printed label or you re welcome to supply us with labels,swing tags and any other trims you would like to be inclued.

can you create something if i send you a picture?

You are welcome to send us an image which you use as inspiration or for a basic quote, but if we need to create a pattern for you, you will need to also supply us with a sample of the garment. We do not create patterns solely off of images.